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11+ Journey to Success

Preparing for the 11+ exams can feel overwhelming, especially when selecting resources for your child. To ease this process, here's a curated list of recommended resources to kickstart your child's 11+ journey. As an affiliate partner, I earn from qualifying purchases, without any additional cost to you.

Atom Learning

Atom Learning offers tailored online learning solutions designed to boost your child's success in the 11+ and independent school entrance exams. With their award-winning platform, your child can access personalised learning, exam preparation materials and practice papers specifically crafted for Years 3–6. Get 10% off your first month and a 5-day free trial with Atom Learning. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your child's 11+ preparation journey!

Chukra 11 Plus

For further 11+ prep, register on to book/buy tests and resources . You will receive a 5% discount for all mock bookings or 11Plus Premium orders by using the 'Parent' Coupon Code: trb1. 


PiAcademy offers a comprehensive platform to support students in their 11+ exam preparation journey. With expertly crafted practice papers covering the entire syllabus, students can effectively hone their skills in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, mathematics and English. PiAcademy offers the guidance and support needed to excel in the 11+ exams. Use the code BERRY25 to receive a 25% discount on purchases made.

Exam Papers Plus

Are you preparing for the 11+ exams? This comprehensive range of mock tests and exam papers by Exam Papers Plus is tailored to help your child succeed. By using these, you can help to enhance their skills and confidence, ensuring that they are fully prepared for exam day.

Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word a Day

Storyteller's Word a Day introduces children to 180 new descriptive words essential for storytelling. Watch your child delight in learning words to depict characters' looks, behaviour and feelings. Extend their learning with the engaging Word Tag video game, ensuring they retain and apply their new vocabulary skills effectively.

Vocabulary Flashcards

CGP's 11+ Vocabulary Flashcards for ages 10-11 helps to prepare children for the Verbal Reasoning and English sections of the 11+ exam. With 199 cards featuring words, definitions, example sentences, synonyms and antonyms, it offers comprehensive learning. Additionally, access to online activities and games enhances engagement and reinforces vocabulary acquisition.

The Big 11+ Vocabulary
Play Book

The Big 11+ Vocabulary Play Book is a comprehensive resource designed to aid students preparing for entrance exams. With meticulously selected words exceeding 1,000, this book offers 52 engaging activities that have been successfully tested to ensure effectiveness. These activities encompass a diverse range of interactive content, including games, puzzles, cartoons, quizzes, rhymes and tongue twisters, catering to various learning preferences. Additionally, all materials are photocopiable for convenient classroom use and the book features an Answer Key and glossary to aid comprehension and reinforce learning outcomes.

FREE Past Papers

Looking for free past papers to prepare for entrance exams from 7+ to 11+? Look no further! Here is a wide range of free practice papers. This collection includes exam papers covering key subjects such as composition, comprehension and mathematics. With downloadable PDFs available, students can access these valuable resources anytime, anywhere, making exam preparation convenient and effective. Start practising today to boost confidence and performance on exam day!

11+ GL Maths Revision Question Cards

These 11+ Maths Revision Question Cards are indispensable tools for achieving high scores in the challenging 11+ examinations. Encompassing all fundamental Maths concepts required for GL and other exam boards, these cards serve as comprehensive assessment resources conveniently condensed into a portable format.

11+ CEM 10-Minute Tests: Maths Word Problems

This excellent resource is designed to aid students in mastering the intricate word-based problems found in the CEM 11+ exam. Featuring over 30 quick tests, each with a focus on written questions, students are challenged to carefully analyse text passages to extract pertinent mathematical data for problem-solving. In addition to the rigorous academic content, the book offers engaging puzzle pages to add a touch of enjoyment to 11+ preparation. Moreover, comprehensive step-by-step answers accompany every question, ensuring clarity and understanding throughout the learning process and eliminating any confusion about problem-solving techniques.

CEM Maths Word Problems 10 Minute Tests: Ready for the 2024 exam: 10-11 Years (Bond 11+)

Bond 11+ CEM Maths Word Problems 10 Minute Tests offers 30 rapid-fire tests tailored for 10-11-year-olds, targeting word problems seen in CEM 11+ exams. Covering arithmetic, problem-solving, logic and reasoning, these tests are vital preparation tools. Tutor tips and notes help children to navigate the book, focusing on strategies for challenging questions. Engaging puzzle sections reinforce concepts, whilst a progress chart fosters improvement tracking, building confidence and consequently exam success.


Descriptosaurus is a comprehensive resource for children's creative writing, offering vocabulary expansion, language experimentation and narrative building. It provides alternatives for words and phrases, helping to overcome writer's block and enhancing writing skills, making it an essential tool for young writers.

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