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1-2-1 Tuition

Daytime sessions are offered for international and home-educated students during term time and holidays. Before school, evening and weekend sessions are also offered to primary school children (subject to availability). 

Why Choose Online Primary Tuition?

  1. Tailored Approach: I understand that every child has unique learning needs. I craft personalised lesson plans to cater to your child's strengths, weaknesses and learning style, ensuring optimal progress.

  2. Expert Tutor: I am a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in preparing students for entrance exams. I am passionate about education and committed to helping your child achieve their full potential.

  3. Convenient Online Learning: Say goodbye to commuting! With Online Primary Tuition, your child can access top-quality tuition from the comfort of home. My sessions provide a seamless learning experience with interactive tools and resources.

  4. Comprehensive Curriculum: I cover all subjects and topics relevant to primary entrance exams, including English, mathematics, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Our comprehensive curriculum ensures your child is well-prepared for any challenge.

Online Primary Tuition

My approach
to success

At Online Primary Tuition, I go beyond just teaching subjects; I instil a love for learning and a growth mindset in my students. I not only focus on academic excellence, but also foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills and confidence in every child.

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