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Top 11+ Resources Every Parent Should Know About

Updated: 22 hours ago

Are you a parent looking to support your child in their 11+ exam preparation journey? Look no further! Here's a roundup of some of the best resources that offer comprehensive support and practice for the 11+ exams:

  1. Atom Learning: With their award-winning platform, your child can access personalised learning, exam preparation materials and practice papers specifically crafted for 11+ preparation. Get 20% off your first month and a 5-day free trial with Atom Learning.

  2. PiAcademy: PiAcademy offers a comprehensive platform to support students in their 11+ exam preparation journey. With expertly crafted practice papers covering the entire syllabus, students can effectively hone their skills in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, mathematics and English. PiAcademy offers the guidance and support needed to excel in the 11+ exams. Use the code BERRY25 to receive a 25% discount on purchases made.

  3. Exam Papers Plus: With a wide range of exam papers and resources, Exam Papers Plus is a go-to destination for 11+ practice tests, mock exams and courses. By using these, you can help to enhance your child's skills and confidence, ensuring that they are fully prepared for exam day.

  4. Chuckra 11+: Chuckra 11+ provides practice tests and mock exams to help students excel in the 11+ exams. You will receive a 5% discount for all mock exam bookings or 11Plus Premium orders by using the code: trb1

  5. Bond: Bond offers free resources for 11+ practice, including assessment papers and timed tests for maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. They also offer a range of books to help with 11+ prep. Additionally, Bond partners with Century Tech to offer innovative online learning solutions. Century Tech utilises AI to provide personalised learning experiences, helping students strengthen their skills in English, Maths and other key subjects. Furthermore, Bond Online provides a convenient platform for students to access interactive quizzes, progress tracking tools and targeted practice sessions, enhancing their preparation for the 11+ exams.

  6. CGP: CGP provides comprehensive study books, practice books, practice papers and tests for 11+ success, including free online resources and CGP 11+ Online. This interactive platform helps make exam prep fun and straightforward, without compromising on the quality of 11+ revision.

With these top-notch online resources at your disposal, you can confidently support your child in their 11+ exam preparation journey and pave the way for their academic success!

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