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11+ Interview Techniques and Topics

Going to an interview can seem daunting, but you should feel very proud of yourself for getting this far. Congratulations! If you are preparing for your 11+ interview and are not sure how to approach it, hopefully this article will help.

11+ Interview Techniques

  • Prior to the interview, research the school’s website and note down 3 or 4 things that stand out to you. These can be related to the school ethos, sports, drama, other extra-curricular activities, facilities or anything else you like. The interviewer will be looking to see that you are passionate about attending their school, so try to think of some questions in advance.

  • Present yourself smartly. When introduced to the interviewer, look them in the eye, give a handshake, introduce yourself and smile. Sit upright, minimise fidgeting and try to keep hands clasped together in your lap.

  • Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. They would consider questions such as: Does this child have a particular talent that they would contribute to the school? Will they be eager to learn new things? Will they be a good team player?

  • Take time to think about your answers rather than rushing in and waffling to fill the gap. Try counting to 5 in your head to give yourself time to gather your thoughts.

  • Do not feel embarrassed to ask the interviewer to clarify or explain a bit further. This is better than answering a different question to the one which you were asked.

  • Try to make your answers between 5 and 10 seconds long. Stick to the point and speak with confidence using a wide range of vocabulary, avoiding any repetition.

  • Think of ways to make your answers stand out, ensuring they have enough detail. Use P.E.E (point, explanation, evidence). Give your answer, explain why that is your answer and attempt to give an example to prove this.

  • Read up on current affairs to show you are engaged in the news and world around you.

  • Be prepared to talk about some of your biggest achievements and ambitions for the future.

  • Last but not least, remember that you want to be well prepared but not too rehearsed. Show the interviewer the best version of yourself.

11+ Question Topics

  • Family

  • Your school

  • Favourite books

  • Favourite/ least favourite subjects

  • Extracurricular interests

  • Hobbies

  • Achievements and ambitions

  • Strengths

  • School choice

  • Logical thinking

  • Task e.g. based on Mental Maths problems or pieces of literature to discuss.

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