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Choosing The Right Tutor For Your Child

In today's fast-paced world, finding the right tutor for yourself or your loved ones is crucial for achieving academic success. Whilst qualifications and subject expertise are vital considerations, it is equally important to prioritise the safety and well-being of those receiving tuition. This blog explores the significance of selecting a tutor who has completed safeguarding training and possesses an up-to-date Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, particularly as the tutoring sector is largely unregulated. Despite the lack of official regulation, thankfully there are organisations like Qualified Tutor that provide a comprehensive framework to not only ensure safety, skills and support for the tutors, but also for their students.

So, which things must you consider when choosing a tutor for your child?

Ensuring the Safety of Learners:

The safety of learners should always be the top priority when choosing a tutor. By selecting a tutor with safeguarding training and an up-to-date DBS, you provide an added layer of protection against potential risks.

Protecting Vulnerable Individuals:

Some learners may be more vulnerable to exploitation or harm. Working with a tutor who has undergone safeguarding training ensures they are better equipped to handle these situations appropriately. An up-to-date DBS check confirms that the tutor has not previously been involved in any criminal activities that might risk the learner's safety.

Promoting Professional Standards:

By completing safeguarding training and possessing an up-to-date DBS check, the tutor you choose has shown that they take their responsibilities seriously. It also reflects their dedication to ongoing professional development.

Peace of Mind for Parents and Guardians:

For parents and guardians, the well-being of their children is of paramount importance. Engaging a tutor with safeguarding training and an up-to-date DBS check offers peace of mind, knowing that their child is in safe hands. It provides reassurance that appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the tutor's suitability for working with children or vulnerable individuals.

When it comes to selecting a tutor, prioritising whether their safeguarding training and DBS checks are up-to-date is essential. By making these considerations a priority, you and your tutor can work together to create an environment where learners can thrive, grow and reach their full potential with confidence.

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