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World Book Day- The Benefits of Reading and Top Tips

World Book Day

So, my eldest can’t decide between Spider-Man, Superman or Iron Man for World Book Day. Some schools have banned children from dressing up as superheroes for World Book Day, but who am I to quash his enthusiasm? Who doesn’t want to be a superhero at the age of 4… or 40 if we could get away with it?! After all, books come in all forms and inspiration to read is what matters.

World Book Day is a wonderful day dedicated to promoting and reading books for pleasure. By dressing up as their favourite characters and engaging in activities around World Book Day, children feel inspired and this in turn develops such enthusiasm for reading. There are some amazing resources available. Check out the link below:

So, what are the benefits of reading?

Reading has many benefits for students, including:

  • Stimulating imagination

  • Broadening vocabulary

  • Improving concentration

  • Encouraging discussion

  • Increasing confidence

  • Having fun!

Top Tips for Reading

You can encourage and inspire your child to start reading in many ways. Here are some top tips:

  • You’re never too young to start reading. Reading to children when they are young familiarises them with books as well as stimulates their imagination. Visit the local library as children can often participate in many activities to generate an interest in reading from an early age.

  • Ensure your child is on the right reading level. If a book is too easy, children lose interest. If a book is too challenging, this may have a negative impact on their confidence as a reader.

  • Read out loud. We are surrounded by labels and advertisements. Use this as an opportunity to read out loud as this will broaden your child’s vocabulary. They will feel a sense of pride when they can recognise words, making reading a positive experience for them.

  • Make time to read every day at home. Don’t assume that they have read in the classroom and that this is enough. Ensure that children complete their reading homework every day and that a story is part of their bedtime routine. This demonstrates the value of reading.

  • Reading is fun! Use silly voices when reading aloud and act out stories to bring characters to life. Children remember these funny little details and this in turn will help to inspire and encourage children to read.

  • Set an example and show you love reading too. Make sure that it doesn’t feel like a chore as if you show them this, they will immediately have a negative mindset. Showing children that you love reading will inspire them to pick up a book themselves. Share books that were your favourite when growing up and start a discussion about what this book meant to you.

  • Be creative! Make books together, draw your favourite characters, and engage in role-play as different characters.

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